by Marvin K. White

Status is a collection of commiserations, wisdoms, placeholders, remembrances, lessons, guiding principles, wives’ tales, riddles, puns, purges, time management tools and helpful hints. It is an amalgamation of reiterations, recipes, spells and spits. There are half-meditations, fortunes, factoids and foibles. There are spills and freezes. This representation is full of forget-me-nots, deciphers, misfires and strikes. Somewhere between poem prompt and punditry lies Pithos, the quip, the quick, the truth, an emergent poetic form: the Facebook status.



Marvin K. White

Marvin K. White, M.Div., is a graduate of the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley CA, and a former pastor associate at Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco. In addition to being a sought-after preacher, collaborator and thought leader, he is currently an arts liaison and a co-facilitator of the Faith Leaders Round Table at the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society. He is the author of four collections of poetry published by RedBone Press; Our Name Be Witness, Status and two Lammy-nominated collections, last rights and nothin’ ugly fly. As a public theologian and community-based artist, he is articulating a vision of social, prophetic and creative justice through being a poet, artist, teacher, facilitator, activist, community organizer, preacher, homemaker, cake baker, and Facebook Statustician.

[Photo © 2011 by Duane Cramer.]

180 pp.

© 2011 by Marvin K. White
Cover art © Lisa C. Moore
Cover design:  E. Corbin 

ISBN-10: 0-9786251-8-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-9786251-8-4

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