Speaking in Whispers

by Kathleen E. Morris

Speaking in Whispers hints and promises; it is warm breath and fragrant fluids. In the language of lesbian loving—sometimes poetic euphemism, sometimes raw and crude, sometimes playful and laughter-filled—Speaking in Whispers celebrates diversity in shape, style, and manner of loving of African-American lesbians. Eighteen unflinchingly non-PC, yet occasionally vanilla, erotic lesbian short stories that exalt lesbian sexuality and sensuality in its varied, technicolor forms. 


Kathleen E. MorrisKathleen E. Morris, from Brooklyn, NY, is a double Libra (with Gemini rising) Buddhist BAP (Black American Princess). She identifies herself as a militant total femme dyke.







161 pp.

© 1996 by Kathleen E. Morris

Originally published by Third Side Press

ISBN-10: 1-879427-28-1

ISBN-13: 978-1-879427-28-0

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