sash & trim and other plays


by Djola Branner

Djola Branner’s first collection of dramatic work, sash & trim and other plays, “takes the reader on a journey through blackness and queerness in ways that stretch the imagination and chronicle the history of black peoples in the diaspora,” says E. Patrick Johnson, professor of Performance Studies at Northwestern University. Comprised of short plays cover (2006), oranges & honey (2005), the house that crack built (1996) and a full-length sash & trim (2008), this volume “expands the boundaries of ‘black’ art by experimenting with form, and bringing to the fore questions of gender and sexuality.” 




Djola BrannerDjola Branner is an interdisciplinary artist/educator who combines movement, sound and light to create compelling portraits of American life for the stage. His original full-length and one-act dramas give voice to individuals historically absent from the theater, and explore a diverse and complex range of human experiences. Co-founder of the award-winning performance group Pomo Afro Homos, Branner toured nationally and internationally with their shows Fierce Love: Stories from Black Gay Life and Dark Fruit, performing in venues as varied as college cafeterias and the Lincoln Center. His work has been supported by the Creative Capital, Jerome, McKnight and Bush Foundations; and published in the anthologies Colored ContradictionsStaging Gay Lives and Voices Rising: Celebrating 20 Years of Lesbian and Gay Black Writers. He has taught dance, acting and dramatic writing for more than twenty-five years in community and academic settings including City College of San Francisco, Stanford University, University of Minnesota, Macalester College and American Musical and Dramatic Academy, among others. Branner is director of the School of Theater for George Mason University. sash & trim and other plays (Lambda Literary Award finalist, LGBT Drama) is the first collection of his dramatic work.

240 pp.

© 2013 by Djola Branner

Cover design: E. Corbin

ISBN-10: 0-9786251-9-6

ISBN-13: 978-0-9786251-9-1

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