Kohnjehr Woman


by Ana-Maurine Lara

"Ana Lara's Kohnjehr Woman evokes a world such as only narrative poetry can. In a series of concise, orally grounded and visually vivid poems, she introduces the mysterious avenger, Shee, who upends daily life, and all the lives, on an antebellum plantation. Kohnjehr Woman's spell endures."

—John Keene, author, Counternarratives


Ana-Maurine Lara, Ph.D., is a national award-winning poet and fiction writer. She is author of Erzulie's Skirt (RedBone Press, 2006), When the Sun Once Again Sang to the People (KRK Ediciones, 2011), and Watermarks and Tree Rings (Tanama Press). In 2015, she completed the first of her decade-long projects, Cantos, including her original poetry, with music composition by Martin Perna and original artwork by Youmna Chlala. She is an associate professor at the University of Oregon.


[Photo copyright © 2015 by Eugene Commercial Photography.]

73 pp.

© 2017 by Ana-Maurine Lara
Cover art, "Do Androids Dream of How People Are Sheep," © 2011 by Krista Franklin
Cover design: E. Corbin 

ISBN-10: 0-9899405-2-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-9899405-2-8

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