11.09 2011

Status review!

From Richard Labonte's Oct. 17, 2011 Book Marks column:

Status, by Marvin K. White. RedBone Press, 180 pages, $10 paper.

"This amusing, reflective, quixotic, self-proclaimed collection of poetry (looks more like prose, though) is a splendid oddity. According to the back cover, the hand-sized book is '...an emergent poetic form, the Facebook status.' So it’s snippets of thought, then, suitable for posting (if not all actually posted) for White’s friends and 'friends' to see? Could be. Most of the entries are pithy: 'Fall is forgiveness weather.' Some are witty: 'No, skinny jeans ain’t Jesus but yes, you can rejoice in their second coming.' Some ask questions of unfathomable depth: 'Why is it legal for dogs to pee outside and not you?' Some assume the tone of a self-help thought-a-day book: 'Take some credit for just being here' and 'Cut this joy with water to make it last longer.' And, most Facebookly: 'Friend requests are "Hello" and not marriage proposals or IRS audits. Enjoy the familiar spirit of Facebook and the nosy neighborliness of it all.' Inventive, addictive and inspirational, this is one weirdly great book."


posted by Lisa Moore